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Alias: muore
Gender: female
Age: 16
Bar code number 076701102 (back of my lighter).
Ten of your favorite bands: T.S.O.L., Cinema Strange, Christian Death, Bauhaus, Aphex Twin, Tiamat, Venetian Snares, Spahn Ranch, Amon Tobin, Hocico
Five of your favorite movies: Nosferatu, Sleepy Hollow, Phantom of the Paradise, Mask of the Red Death, Battle Royale
Three of your favorite books (if you're reading illiterate, that's ok too): Hmm.. not much of a book reader...buuut... Violets are Blue by James Patterson, Faust by yes...Van Goethe. Alice in Wonderland by Louis Caroll
What turns you on sexually? That's kind of skin deep but yes... What sexually excites me is Blood play, biting scratching, pale bodies. I also have this, heightened sexual feeling for anorexic male bodies. (I have a thing for the ribcage) Just the feeling of it gives me a phantasmic rush.
Do you eat meat? If so, have you ever thought about possibly saving a cow... and eating a vegetarian? Yes I eat meat. Depends, though, on the vegetarian. Too lean. If I want beef, I want it thick...and worthwhile.
Tell us a few key words to describe your personality. My personality...hmm, no one really gets me, that's why I figured by joining this community (if I am accepeted, of course) That I would have the chance to meet fine, fellow people like myself that like similar things...such as yeah, I don't think necrophilia is THAT bad...especially when you put it in writing. Something you have to have the open mind for and the feel for, I think. I like romance a bit too much so yeah, necrophiliac romance...such a all in itself.
What is your biggest phobia (not cheese or heights, faggot) and why? My biggest fear is loosing the one I love the most...yeah this may be stupid but you know, if you think about it...I don't want to have to go through what I did before, I don't want to see myself hurt, oh yeah sure it happens but, seeing on how it's happening all around me and caving in on me, I hope to keep it together.
Drugs or alcohol? Alcohol. Drugs aren't the thing for me.
Who do you love most and why? I love my significant other the most, mostly because he really doesn't mind who I am, what I like, or the fact that I am exactly like him in everyway. we thought about running a morgue together... kinky huh? The idea came up but I don't think it's going to happen :/
If you could posess any item in the world, what would it be? Detatchable Penis.
Would you be willing to shit on the person in question's head for this item you wish to posess? Possibly ;)
If you had to kill someone, how would you do it and why? I would kill all in the act of love and or sex. The details? Oh, save it for another story.
Have you ever chugged down a bottle of robitussen just to get fucked up? Nah, too simple for my taste. Plus robitussen tastes awful
What's one thing we probably don't know about that we should (and not about YOU, asshole)? Just because people are fat, doesn't mean they have hearts too!
Who is your favorite serial killer and why? My favorite serial killer would have to be Jeffery Domer...he's so smart!...but not smart enough...
Surprisingly, we do take ourselves seriously. So what the hell makes you so fucking maniacal?
What, to you, draws the line between sane and insane (if there is one)? Clothing a Christmas ham, and having sex with it. All, while singing "Somewhere over the Rainbow" and making your parents, and dying grandmother watch. That's just insane...but sexy

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